Our Story

Back in 1975, original owner and Seattle native, Leon Torrey, opened his first restaurant, Eggs Cetera in Madison Park. Soon after this, he opened his second Eggs Cetera on Broadway, and eventually opened his 3rd "The Sweetwater" in old town Redmond. After much success and loyal patronage, Leon purchased The Blue Star Cafe and Pub in 1997, where he combined the breakfast and lunchtime favorites from the "Eggs Cetera and Sweetwater" menus with the classic burgers, entrees, and local beers unique to the Blue Star Cafe and Pub. Leon's daughter, Wendy Morales, came back to the business in 2008, after working 20 years in the corporate world. Now the owner/operator of the Blue Star, she believes that her love for feeding and entertaining others, and deep passion for the family business, meant coming back to it was 'only a matter of time!'


Meet the Founder: Leon Torrey

A Seattle native, Roosevelt High graduate, father to 2, and grandfather to 3, Leon, began his career in the restaurant dishwasher service and sales. A true entrepreneur, Leon left sales and purchased his first restaurant in 1975 (Eggs Cetera in Madison Park). Leon has spent the last 35 years grateful for his longevity and loyal following, "I avoid the trends and focus on offering consistent comfort food with homemade ingredients." But the true credit for his long-standing existence is due to his loyal and hard working staff; many who've been with him since the early 80's.